Vacuum Chucks
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Dicing Chuck Refurbishment

If the ceramic in your dicing chuck has been damaged, cut, chipped, etc., it can be repaired. The refurbishment is a multi step process that in many cases will return your dicing chuck back to new condition for far less than a new dicing chuck.


  • Chucks can be re-worked multiple times
  • Only the highest grade ceramics are used
  • Chuck base metal reconditioned 
  • Save thousands of dollars reworking rather than buying new dicing chucks
  • Fast turnaround
  • We guarantee that our refurbished chuck will meet or exceed OEM requirements.
SVR can replace metal vacuum chuck inserts with high grade porous ceramic inserts.

SVR Can supply raw porous ceramic disks and plates, cut to your specifications.

Before - Damaged Ceramic
After - Ceramic Replaced.